Yo yo yo, listen up folks, we got some legal talk

From drones to contracts, let’s take a walk
Through the world of legal matters, so complex and fine
With the rules and regulations, we’ll draw a line

Drone and Airport Rules

When it comes to drones, you gotta know the score
The rules and guidelines, so you can soar
Through the skies, but be careful near airports
There’s laws to follow, so just be aware

Singtel Contract

What happens after Singtel contract ends?
It’s a legal consideration, there’s no amends
To be made, just follow the law to the letter
So you don’t end up in legal hot water

Business Licenses

Do all businesses need a license to operate?
Check out the legal advice, don’t take the advocate’s bait
Make sure you’re legit, with your paperwork in order
So you don’t have to face any legal disorder

Business Ethics

Are business ethics important for making money?
Absolutely, follow the rules, don’t act funny
It’s all about integrity and doing what’s right
For a profitable business, that’s shining bright

Legal Guidance

When you need advice, from a legal chap
Check out Guru Legal, for a helpful map
Of the legal world, so complex and vast
Get some expert help, and move on fast

The Wrap

So that’s the legal rap, you’re in the know
When it comes to legal matters, just take it slow
Follow the rules, and get some expert advice
And you’ll stay on track, legal matters on ice